Our Ratings

What do our star ratings mean?

  • 5 Stars 5 Stars (Spectacular) The best in its class. This car is great to drive, superbly engineered and sensibly priced. A rare star rating for a product that is as perfect as can be.
  • 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars (Outstanding) This car should be seriously considered. We highly recommended it because it has an excellent balance of features, impressive performance and represents great value.
  • 4 Stars 4 Stars (Excellent) A recommended car with features, performance and pricing that ticks all the boxes. Definitely worth considering.
  • 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars (Very Good) A good car that may well fit your needs. This car performs better than average and has a good list of features. Ensure that you are aware of its capabilities before purchasing.
  • 3 Stars 3 Stars (Good) This car has merit, but some improvements or a more competitive price would make it more appealing to its target market. Usually seen to have limited standard features and an expensive list of optional features.
  • 2.5 Stars 2.5 Stars (Average) Certain attributes of this cars performance, features or price could limit its appeal. Generally a functional "A to B" car that may have another niche use.
  • 2 Stars 2 Stars (Mediocre) This car is below average. It has questionable styling, disappointing performance and/or poor quality. Cars with this rating are found to sit in the middle of the pack for most features, but suffer from a few major flaws.
  • 1.5 Stars 1.5 Stars (Poor) There are only a few reasons to consider a car with this rating or lower. The car has many drawbacks and may be completely un-practical, however, a incredibly low price and/or specific use can warrant purchasing this car.
  • 1 Stars 1 Stars (Terrible) This car has scored low points across the board with little to no merit. We don't see this car meeting the intended customer requirements and has no strengths. Buyer beware!
  • 0.5 Stars 0.5 Stars (Epic Fail) There are too many major problems to list with this car. We don't recommend considering this car at all.
  • 0 Stars No Stars (In Testing) Patience, this car has yet to be entirely tested and has not been rated. Check back often as we update our ratings and reviews daily.

Our Review Policy

At CarVerdict.com.au we take our reviews very seriously indeed. We aim to offer you nothing but the best information and expert opinion, helping you to make the right purchasing decisions. Our reviewers are experts in their field and talk to the manufacturers throughout the reviewing process to ensure accuracy.